Let there be light

I'm a big fan of shooting at a high speed ISO in ambient light but there are days where you have to create your own light. Whilst my preference is to have an multi-head off camera set up, there are situations where you have to employ the most tricky of options to control; on-camera flash. A flash gun is mounted directly on top of the camera body just above the eye piece. The benefits are portability whist the trickier bit is controlling the light so that it doesn't give a harsh, flat result.

Shooting with a Mets 54MZ-3 last night presented all of these challenges but as I used to say to my students, you mustn't shy away from difficult situations but master the medium so that you have a full 'kit bag' of techniques at your disposal.

For all the planning in the world you don't know when life will throw you a curve ball and you need to be able to adapt at short notice.